SBTcoverThe final ‘Beavers in Scotland’ report from the beaver reintroduction project has now been submitted to Scottish Ministers. The report draws on 20 years of work on beavers, including information from the Scottish Beaver Trial, the Tayside Beaver Study Group, the Beaver-Salmonid Working Group, other projects organised by SNH and a range of international studies.

SNH has also published a further nine Commissioned Reports on beavers, including the SBT final reports for the hydrology and fish monitoring, and an interim woodland monitoring report. SEPA’s water chemistry monitoring final report for the SBT has also been published.

You can download the ‘Beavers in Scotland’ report, and all the other new and older beaver outputs, by going to this website:

There is also a press release here:

We will all now await a decision by Ministers on the future of beavers in Scotland.